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    The World at Our Table: A Euro-American Cookbook of Family Favorites

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93 Sumptuous Recipes

A collection that reflects the range of Rachel Miranda's culinary influences: farm-centered Swiss dishes and recipes infused with the distinctive flavors of neighboring Italy and France are inventively mingled with foods native to the Americas, and rounded out by cherished Eastern European Jewish classics.

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Our Story

"We made the Italian Wedding Soup (easily made vegan with beyond meat) and it was the best soup I've ever made (and super simple)! Gorgeous illustrations and recipes by local CT artists."

Rachel H.

"I was so thrilled to open this amazing book!! So impressive and the illustrations are gorgeous. Today, I tried the roasted mixed potatoes with caramelized onions. WOW!! Spiced up our dinner so much!"

Donna R.

"This is a gorgeous cookbook with inviting recipes that are flavor-packed, simple, and well-balanced. the beautiful illustrations and heart warming family stories within make this cookbook a delight to crack open!"

Rachel H.

"I wasn't even all the way through reading before diving in. Recipes are straightforward and the addition of the beautiful artwork and heartwarming, hilarious family tales make this a cookbook any home cook will enjoy."

Ben P.

"I was attracted to this cookbook by its global title and its western influences. I'm looking forward to experimenting with its recipes and regularly creating a multicultural table."

Simon P.



"The homes we make for ourselves are inextricably bound up with our origin stories, however fraught they might be, and the food we cook and share helps us to keep those connections alive."

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